Counselling provides you with a supportive and safe environment in order for you to explore your issue (s) without fear of being judged or criticised, and aims to:

Help you to identify your patterns in negative thinking, and behaving that are hindering you in achieving balance in your life.

Enable you to see problems more clearly when feeling stuck or indecisive.

Assist you in discovering your real self and then finding the courage to be this self.

Help you in becoming more self aware and more accepting of yourself, and instead of beating yourself up over your mistakes, will look at ways to improve them.

Help you to see that you are not powerless, work through your choices, and develop the strength to make positive changes in your lifeSupport you in identifying and making realistic and time specific goals.

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy is that counselling focuses on the present problem(s) and tends to be short-term.Psychotherapy involves longer-term work as it helps you to explore difficulties and patterns that relate to your past that are still continuing to affect you today.