"2 years back I was going through a very dark and stressful time in my life. Trying to cope with the break up of my long term relationship, I lost my job and also a bereavement all hit me very hard and I was really struggling to cope.I decided to seek help through my Doctor who gave me details of a local counselling service, where I was then assigned to Suzanne.From the minute I met Suzanne I found her to be very understanding and easy to talk to. Through many sessions she helped me come to terms with everything that had happened, to understand why it happened, and really helped rebuild my confidence also. I am in a very good place in my life now thanks to the help I received and would have no problem highly recommending Suzanne to anyone who maybe in a similar position." Jamie

" I found the counselling service I received had a positive impact on my day to day life and was an excellent support during a time when I felt overwhelmed and vulnerable" Elaine 

"I started counselling with Suzanne because I was unable to deal with aggressive people and conflict in the workplace which was resulting in internalising my anger and making me unhappy. From the first time I sat down I found Suzanne very easy to open up to as she was so supportive and professional throughout each counselling session. Through talking to Suzanne I have regained my self belief and become more confident in dealing with conflict without losing my integrity. An important aspect of counselling for me was how easily Suzanne was able to help me examine the underlying issues causing my unhappiness which were not related to work but to my personal life. I was able to rediscover the core traits of my personality and rediscover what makes me happy and focus more on that. Through this, my life has become more satisfying and I have learned to not take things or myself so seriously and accept and understand myself and others. Counselling with Suzanne gave me the time and a place to go to figure out what was causing me to be stressed and unhappy and I looked forward to and enjoyed this time. I now understand myself and am back to feeling normal and happy again. I feel it's important to understand the reasons behind stress and unhappiness and deal with them and this is exactly what counselling achieved for me. Thanks Suzanne! Fiona